100K-10000MHz 8GHz OLED ekranas RF galios matuoklis V2.0 gali nustatyti RF galios slopinimo vertę Skaitmeninė radijo stotis 10W 30DB Attenuator


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start Dual Stereo VU Meter Driver Board Amplifier DB Aud…US $6.78 DC 24-36V 20A Diy ZVS induction heating board Flyb…US $32.22 DC 12V 24V blue LED -40c – +150c Digital Thermomet…US $6.13 battery Charging Detector USB Current Voltage Capa…US $58.58 AC 110v~220V Bluetooth 4.2 APP Control Audio Recei…US $10.22 10A Sonoff TH Temperature Humidity Monitor WiFi Wi…US $17.40 0.36″ RED LED -200C to 450C Digital Thermometer PT…US $9.94 Aperture Flex Cable Optical Rotary Encoder 3v-12v …US $3.98 2S Li-ion Lithium Battery 3.7v 18650 Charger Prote…US $1.75 14S 51.8V 45A Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS…US $14.59end     100K-10000MHz OLED display RF power meter V2.0 can set RF power attenuation value Digital radio station 10W 30DB Attenuator       у€€   Description: Features:  First, the product overview:      The RF-Power-Meter-V2.0 series is a high performance, low cost portable and simple RF power meter. The series consists of 3 series, RF500V2.0 (500MHz), RF3000V2.0 (3GHz), RF10000 (10GHz), equipped with 0.96 inch 128×64 pixel OLED display and 500mAh lithium battery, providing 5V power supply and charging through micro-USB. . Simple and easy to use, compact, easy to carry, stable in performance, high in accuracy, preset offset, wide dynamic range, and fast measurement speed. The software associated with this power meter allows the user to configure the power meter on the PC side and make data recording (with curve display) and sharing simple.  Software and instructions for use download Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1dF6dHo1 Password: 18bp  Power meter V2.0 host computer software, instructions for use Applications: т— Calibration of RF instrumentation; т— Detection and maintenance of radio frequency equipment; т— Measurement of the standing wave ratio of the RF circuit (adding feedback bridge); т— Measurement of return loss of RF circuits; т— interference detection between wireless communication devices; т— RSSI (received signal strength indication) and transmission power level detection; т— Performance evaluation of step attenuators; т— The gain of the amplifier and the attenuation measurement of the network; т— Measurement of forward power and reflected power in the directional coupler; т— Power measurement of GSM signals using GMSK modulation*;   Third, product technical indicators: 1, measuring power range -75 ~ +15 dBm (different models frequency range is not the same) 2, measuring power resolution ТБ0.1 dBm 3, measuring frequency range 100K ~ 10000 MHz (different models frequency range is not the same) 4, input impedance 50ЮЉ 5, dynamic range > 90dB 6, working voltage 5VDC (powered by micro-USB) 7, working current <50 mA 8, lithium battery capacity: 500mAh 9, charging current: 500mA 10, size 68*48*18 mm (length X width X height)  Fourth, RF-Power-Meter-V2.0 series model comparison: Five, RF common sense science: dB is a pure count unit: For power, dB = 10*lg(A/B). For voltage or current, dB = 20*lg(A/B). dBm defines miliwatt (milliwatts). 0 dBm=1mw; dBw defines watt. 0 dBw = 10lg1 w = 10lg1000 mw = 30 dBm. dB always defines the power unit by default, in 10lg. Of course, in some cases, the power and power can be described by the signal strength (Amplitude), which is measured by 20 lg. This is true both in the control field and in the signal processing field. For example, sometimes you can see the expression of dBmV. 6 RF power meter V1.0 and V2.0 comparison 1. Power supply: Connect the power supply (signal source, computer, charging treasure, etc.) via micro-USB. 2, the power switch: next to the USB, the switch to the left to turn on the power, turn to the right to shut down. 3. Input: Connect RF signal through SMA1 interface, SMA2 is the detection voltage output for secondary development. 4. After powering on, press the т€œOK S3т€ button to initialize the power meter. 5. Press the button S1 to change the position of the cursor (shift left) Press button S5 to change the position of the cursor (shift right) Press S2 to change the data of the cursor position plus Press button S4 to change the data of the cursor position minus After entering the system, the cursor indicates the selected digit. At this time, the up and down buttons can modify the value of the selected digit. When the cursor is at the last digit (or first digit) of the selected item, press the right button (or left button) to toggle the selected item. When the parameters are set, press the middle OK button to make the settings take effect.   Note: For details on how to use the power meter to connect the computer to the host computer software, see т€œHow to use the host computerт€. Offset: Provides the offset selection for both "positive" and "negative" symbols. Here are three common scenarios where preset offsets are required: 1 signal is too large, add attenuator between the signal source and the power meter, the offset is set to the attenuation of the attenuator, the symbol is "positive" 2 signal is too small, add amplifier between the signal source and the power meter, partial The setting is set to the gain of the amplifier. The symbol т€œnegativeт€ 3 signal has loss (attenuation) between the signal source and the power meter, and the offset is set to the attenuation of the signal, and the sign is т€œpositiveт€.   Package Contents 100% Brand New 1 X RF power meter can be set RF power attenuation value     Shipping : We only accept your Paypal Address,Please Make sure it's 100% right. The items you ordered will be shipped out in 1 business day by Air Mail when your payment is clear. 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