„Autel IM508“ automobilių raktų programavimo nuskaitymo įrankis + XP200 raktų programuotojas, automobilių diagnostikos skaitytuvas su OE lygio visos sistemos diagnostika


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2022 Newest Autel IM508 Automotive Key Programming Scan Tool+XP200 Key Programmer, Car Diagnostic Scanner with OE-Level All System DiagnosisAutel MaxiIM IM508 is an advanced automotive key programming scan tool that combines key programming, all systems diagnostics, bi-directional control (active test) and advanced service functions. IM508 professional car key programming tool can perform comprehensive IMMO related functions and most useful programming capabilities.As a professional diagnostic scan tool, IM508 is capable of performing OE-Level diagnosis on ALL available modules for more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models and most useful service functions like Oil Reset, Reset Parking Brake Pads after Replacement, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration and BMS. With complete capabilities for codes, live data, ECU Information, adaptation, matching, coding and etc, IM508 becomes the most affordable professional automotive key programming tool for shops and technicians.Newly added features on Autel IM508:For Fiat:1.Adds Key Learning (Bypass PIN)Function for Argo (2017-2020), Cronos (2017-2020),Toro (2016-2020),Mobi (2016-2019) and New Fiorino (2008-2019)[Globallnitial Launch]2. Adds Key Learning for Blade Key Function for Awventura (2014-2018). [GlobalInitial Launch]3. Adds Key Learning for Blade Key Function for 500x (2018-2020), Eaea (2018-2020) and Tipo(2018-2020)For BMW:1.Supports New Software Version (swfl_00002419_085_010_080) for KeyLearning Function for FEM/BDC Immobilizer System.[Global Initial Launch]2. Adds 196 Software Versions,Supporting Read ISN (OBD Mode) Function forB48/B58 Engine.[Global Initial Launch]2022 Newest version updatedBi-Directional Control(Active Test):What would you do if the wipers stopped working? Just replace one or spend a lot money to fix it? Don’t be in a hurry to dismantle your cars! Bidirectional control tool IM508 can perform real active test that can send commands to the vehicleт€™s ECU to drive the actuators to work, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, helping you quickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues.Note: Functions NOT universal, please send VIN(17 digits),car makes, model, year to check compatibility before purchase.FCA „Auto Auth” Access:Supports FCA „Auto Auth” gateway for 2018 and newer FCA cars(Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,etc) for US/Canada & Mexico.NOTE: All these new functions are released on Autel system V2.62 and above, which are available to download for all IM508 since 1st, June, 2022.CLOULD REPORT MANAGEMENT:This is a long-awaited feature for old customers!! With it, you can upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and share reports with your customers through QR Code/email/text message easily, and they can view the reports anytime. Like other cloud space, it is a back garden for your diagnostic reports to help you enhance data centralization, share simply and quickly, reduce memory burden and improve work efficiency.MaxiIM IM508 Supports Muti-Language:English / Portuguese / Germany / Japanese / French / Spanish / Italian/ Dutch/ Polish/ Swedish/ Turkish/ Vietnamese/ Russian/ Korean/ Arabic/ ThaiCOMPREHENSIVE IMMO FUNCTIONSAutel MaxiIM IM508 advanced key programmer scan tool can perform comprehensive IMMO functions including: Read PIN/CS(All Key Lost), Key Generation, Key Learning, Remote Learning, Benz FEM/BDC Key Learning/ECU Adaptation, BMW CAS3/2 Key Learning, VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat IMMO III/IV/V Add Key, All Key Lost, IMMO ECU Reset/Adaptation/Refresh/CodingNOTE: When connected to XP400, IM508 will support BMW CAS4 Key Learning.ADVANCED CAR KEY CHIP PROGRAMMINGAutel MaxiIM IM508 professional car key programming scanner comes with most useful key programming capabilities including Key Chip Read & Write, EEPROM Read & Write, Transponder Read & Write and basic MCU Read & Write.CONNECTING TO XP400 TO FURTHER EXTEND PROGRAMMING CAPABILITIESWhen itт€™s connected to Autel XP400, IM508 Key Programming Scan Tool can further extend its programming capability to the top level Autel has yet to offer to cover IMMO ECU Read & Write, MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read & Write, IC Card Read & Write, Mercedes Infrared Key Read & Write, Remote Frequency Detect and it will support PC connection.NOTE: Key Programming functions are NOT universally compatible. To check compatibility, please consult via message, QA or refer to Autel website.NOTE: XP400 Key Programmer is available now.SMART MODE + EXPERT MODEIM508 comes with comprehensive IMMO functions that provides Smart Mode and Expert Mode to guide both professional technicians and home mechanics performing IMMO related functions, including Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, Remote Control Add, All Key Lost and etc.Smart Mode: Guided and automated key learning for home mechanics.Expert Mode: Advanced key learning for professionalsNOTE: The IMMO application requires a data link to the IMMO electronic control system of the test vehicle for diagnosis via OBD228+ MOST USEFUL SERVICE FUNCTIONSOil Reset: Reset service mileage & service intervals after engine oil is changed.EPB Service: Resetting parking brake pads after replacement.SAS Calibration: Reset the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor EEPROM.DPF Regeneration: Performs DPF Regeneration to clear the blockage through continuous burning of the particulate matter captured in the DPF filter and turn off DPF light.BMS: Register the battery replacement and etc.NOTE: IM508 can NOT perform TPMS functions.NOTE: Service functions are NOT universally compatible. To check compatibility, please consult via message, QA.ALL SYSTEMS OE-LEVEL DIAGNOSISAutel MaxiIM IM508 Advanced Automotive Key Programming Tool can access and perform OE-Level diagnosis on ALL available vehicle modules including but not limited to PCM, ECM, EPS, PDM, BCM, TPM, SCCM and etc and covers all major systems like ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System and etc.COMPLETE CAPABILITIES FOR CODES, LIVE DATA, ECU INFO, AND ETCAutel MaxiIM IM508 car diagnostic tool comes with complete capabilities for codes, live data, ecu information and etc. It can access & diagnose all available vehicles systems, retrieves DTCs and event codes, show live data stream in text, graph or analog.AUTO VIN TECHNOLOGYIM508 is equipped with latest VIN-based Auto VIN Scan technology that can retrieve vehicle brand, make, model and year at a single touch. With intuitive interface, IM508 is super easy to use.UNMATCHED VEHICLE COVERAGEAutel MaxiIM IM508 Car Key Programming Tool can perform powerful OE level diagnostics for more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models.NOTE: IMMO & Key Programming and Service Functions are NOT universally compatible. To check compatibility, please consult via message, QA.Specifications:1.Operating System:AndroidTM 4.4.4 2. Processor:Cortex-A9 processor (1.6 GHz) 3.Memory:32GB 4.Display:7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution 5.Connectivity:Mini USB 2.0,USB 2.0,Wi-Fi,Micro SD card (supports up to 32GB) 6.Sensors:Ambient light sensor for brightness auto changing 7.Audio Input / Output:Input: N/A,Output: buzzer 8.Power and Battery:3.7 V/5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery, Charges via 5 VDC power supply 9.Tested Battery Life:Around 4.5 hours of continuous use 10.Battery Charging Input:5 V/1.5 A 11.Power Consumption:500 mA (LCD on with default brightness, Wi-Fi on) 3.7 V 12.Operating Temp:0 to 50ТАC (32 to 122ТАF) 13.Storage Temp:-20 to 60ТАC (-4 to 140ТАF) 14.Operating Humidity:5% – 95% non-condensing 15.Net Weight:788 g (2.42 lb.) 16.Supported Automotive Protocols ISO9141-2, ISO14230-2,ISO15765, K/L-Line, Flashing Code, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850 PWM, ISO11898 (Highspeed, Middlespeed, Lowspeed and Singlewire CAN, fault-tolerant CAN), SAE J2610,GM UART,UART Echo Byte Protocol, Honda Diag-H Protocol, TP2.0, TP1.6 .Accessories:1 X AAC001 т€“ MED17 Cable 1 X KIA-20 Adaptor 1 X Mazda-17 Adaptor 1 X MaxiIM IM508 Tablet 1 X Carrying Case 1 X Quick guide 1 X Honda-3 Adaptor 1 X KIA-10 Adaptor 1 X XP200 Key Programmer 1 X USB External Power Adapter 1 X Main cable 1 X Mini USB Cable