Automobilio radijas 2 din android 10 PX6 Carplay, skirtas Mercedes Benz W203 C180 C200 C300 C350 CLK-Class W209 B200 W463 / Volkswagen VW Crafter


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Please Note!if your car no factory fiber optic line, please choose A. if your car with factory fiber optic line, please choose B. B choice include fiber box.Suits For:For Mercedes Benz W203 2004-2007(C180/C200/C220 / C230/ C240//C250/C270/C280/C300/C320/C350/32 AMG)For Mercedes Benz G-Class W463 (G350/G500/G55) 2006-2008For Mercedes Benz Sprinter/W906/W311/W315/W318 2006-2012For Mercedes Benz CLK-Class W209 2005-2011For Mercedes Benz B200/B150/B170/A180/A160For Mercedes Benz Viano 2006-2012For Mercedes Benz Vito/W639 2006-2012For Mercedes Benz A-class/W169 2004-2012For Mercedes Benz B-class/W245 2004-2012For Volkswagen VW Crafter 2006-2012For Volkswagen VW LT3 2006-2011Although we have made every effort to ensure this unit will be compatible with the listed vehicles, please check the year, dimensions and shape of the center console of your vehicles before purchasing.GIFT=tools+MIC+ copy map files to GPS inside( you can use gps directly, not include map card) .PX6PX6 is best chip in the market at present, it works fastest than all other type. ANTUTU score is 160770, which is better than 7853 4G+64G, PX5, and all other 4+64G type in the market. Compared to other type fo radio, PX6 radio can download more kinds of android APP from android market, and APP can work better.The green mark can install our radio.As for the red mark, car radio size is different with our product and the car radio cannot be installed. If you are still unclear, please leave a message to our customer service. We will help you.Full AV output functionThis radio has full AV output function (optional), this function will bring many fun to children and your family who are in the back seat on a long journey. They can watch TV, movies, cartoons, Youtube video,MV and others videos. In the market , most shop radios have no AV output function.Build in wireless CAPLAYThis radio include Build in wireless CAPLAY and android AUTO function(optional). When you connect your mobile phone to radio via ZIINK app, then you can control your mobile phone by our radio screen. You can make phone call, listen mobile phone music,and check mobile phone file on radio screen.ChipsThe radio use the best radio chip-NXP6686 and the best amplifier chip-TDA7851L.NXP6686 chip is the best radio chip, and better than7708,6851 and any other radio chip. it is the best radio chip in market at present. Good radio chip make radio signal stronger.TDA7851L is best amplfier IC in the market at present. It’s better than 7388 and all others. It makes car sound quality be better than other radio type. If you need the best sound quality , we suggest you to choose DSP function too, DSP is digital amplifier system, which offers best sound quatity.Steer wheel control functionAll radios in our shop are support steer wheel control function. The steer wheel buttons of your car can control our radio after installing the radio. (however steer wheel page is blank normally. If you hope to see aoo the buttons in steer wheel page , you can just connect KEY line to car steer wheel line , then you will see all steer wheel buttons in page)If steer wheel buttons dosen’t work , please don’t worry , and don’t dispute, please leave message to us, we will help you to make it work 100%.DSPDSP is digital amplifier system, it use digital signal, it make car sound quatity better than before. PX5 and PX6 DSP is the best DSP in the market in fact, please don’t care about EQ quantity, please feel our px5/px6 radio sound quality, it is very good.PX5/PX6 DSP include many pages, you can set many parameter as you wish ,please see below pages.DVROur dvr is true Full HD 1080P DVR. It has good night vision function and ADAS function. Below is true photo of our DVR.AHDOur shop all 4G+64G radios suport AHD 1280*720P camera, this camera is optional function, if you need it, you can click below photo and buy it with radio togetherAPPOur radio can download every types of android APP, for example, FACEBOOK, Youtube, Google map, Google store, OUTLOOK…ect. Many android APP can be installed to this radio and can work well, (Remindign: if you need big APP, such as Live broadcast APP, it will need very big RAM and ROM. We suggest you to buy bigger CPU and RAM ROM radio type. If your APP need very big RAM, the radio may not work very well.)Quick NavigationThis radio can install all map types, I-GO,N-avitel, W-aze, s-ygic…ect. You can install any map to radio as you wish. And it support google map too,you can install google map app and link network then you can use it.We will install free map to radio before send it to you , if you like it, you can use it directly, if you don’t like it , you can install new map to radio as you wish.Many button light colorsThere have many colors of the the radio’s buttons lights. You can set the color you like. You can also choose „colored light „function, it will show seven colors in turn.WIFIThe radio have build-in-wifi function, and you need to tighten the antenna before using. (Reminding: When you making a call, if you hear a lot of noise, please check the WiFi antenna, it may be loose)The radio’s wifi can’t connect to house wifi. please connect it to mobile phone wifi via hotspot. It is the best choice.BluetoothThis radio include build-in bluetooth function. You can play bluetooth music or hands free call. We will send you 1pc external microphone as gift, so you can use hands free function, it’s very cool.DABDAB is digital radio. If your city have digital radio signal, we suggest you buy DAB antenna, it’s much better than FM AM RDS, it works perfectly without noise. If there have no digital radio signal, please don’t buy it.OBDOBD is car On-Board Diagnostic. It fit all android radio in our shop, it also can work perfectly with our radio via bluetooth. Our radio will show diagnostic result message in below page. You just need to nclick OBD app, and then you can see diagnostic result message. ,OBD should plug to car diagnostic port as below show.RADIOThe radio includes build-in radio function, which support FM AM RDS(At present only euro country have RDS signal, Other country can use FM AM). Our radio use best radio chip in the market, it have better radio signal. Before use radio function, please don’t forget to connect ANT line to another ANT line or AMP line. If you forget to connect this line, radio signal will be very bad.Mirror linkYou can connect your mobile phone to this radio by mirror link function. Radio screen will show mobile phone image, just like a mirror. And the radio can control your mobile phone, So you can listen mobile phone music or make call via radio screen.TPMSThe radio can compatible with Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). when you connect TPMS to the radio, you can see TPMS result in radio screen. The radio also compatible with both internal TPMS and external TPMS. If you want to buy TPMS, click this photo.TV boxIf you want to watch TV on car, you can buy 1pc digital TV box . if there have no digital signal in your city, please don’t buy it .Russian buyer should choose DVB-T2, because there only have DVB-T2 signal your country. EURO country should choose DVB-T MEPG-4 digital box. Other country buyer can contact with us before ordering.Why choose us?WONDEFOO company is GOLD shop in aliexpress, we are a gold-branded store on the AliExpress platform. And we have been operating on AliExpress for 7 years. To keep the the navigator with the highest configuration and lowest price is our product positioning. We choose the best radio chip, the best power amplifier chip, the best screen, the thickest heat sink, and the highest configuration CPU on the market.We have many old customers, all of whom have high requirements for quality. They bought our products for 7 years, because they know that our products have always be the highest configured and cost-effective on AliExpress. If you don’t believe that, please read our information carefully. We use the best CPU PX6 and the best radio core-NXP6686 on the market, the best power amplifier chip-TDA7851L, and the best screen 1280*720p ultra-high-definition screen. In addition, we also have the exclusive PX5 PX6 built-in carplay function, other companies only have cheap MTK carplay. Only our company has high-quality PX5 px6 built-in carplay.In addition, we have overseas warehouses in Spain, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and South Korea to ensure that customers can receive the package as soon as possible after placing the order.1. this radio will turn off when key move out from car. In all market all radio have same condition. hope you know this detailsthis radio have delay turn off function, this function only be used when car turn off ACC only. We mean that if you only turn off car ACC, radio will turn off delay depend on your set. If car turn off 100%. it will turn off at same time.2. this item no remote control function. not include remote controller originally. IR hole not include IR chip. however it support steer wheel function.MAPMaps coverage1) Europe Country : Russia , Turkey ,Ukraine, Italy, Belarus, United Kingdom, Cyprus, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Romania, France, Vatican, Albania, Ireland Estonia, Andorra, Austria, Belgium ,Bulgaria ,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Montenegro, Czech, Republic Croatia Latvia Lithuania Malta Macedonia Moldova Monaco Norway Portugal Sweden Switzerland ,Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Gibraltar2) America : United States ,Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica.3) Asia: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong….4) Middle East Support Arabia Language: Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain.5) Australia and Africa: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria….Map Voice packagesEnglish, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, SwedishImportant Notewe are big OEM factory ,please trust our quality of produce.