CHADWICK 501 belaidis imobilaizeris automobilio variklio užraktas IŠMANI SAUGOS APSAUGOS APSVEGIMO SISTEMA Keičiamas relės formos įtaisas 12V


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CHADWICK wireless immobilizer car engine lock  For 12V vehicle CAR INTELLIGENT INDUCTION ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM Replaceable nondestructive installation relay-shaped automobile hidden lock anti-hijacking device Different vehicles have different relay shapes and need to be replaced accordingly. Default model A ,if Model B unavailableDefault model A ,if Model B unavailable  SKU:M501 Outstanding features1. Car engine anti-theft device2. Free installation of automatic induction replacement relay, invisible installation is not easy to identify3. No need to operate in automatic induction mode, you can switch between manual mode and anti-robbing mode4. No damage to the original car line, fast and convenient installation5. After the flame is turned off, it will automatically cut off the fuel, close to the vehicle and automatically open the oil path, the sensing distance is about 15 meters6. Anti-shielding and anti-interference technology, the chip is stable7. Only suitable for 12V gasoline vehicles Features: I. The working principle of the unit-relay: т– Start the engine for the first time: the unit starts scanning the sensor ID password, which matches within 25 seconds, The car can be driven off successfully. If not successful, the fuel circuit will be cut off after 25 seconds, and the engine will stop.т– Start the engine for the 2nd time: the unit shortens the scanning time to 20 seconds. т– Start the engine for the 3rd time: the unit shortens the scanning time to 10 seconds.т– Start the engine for the 4th time: Unit can not scan correct password that it was started illegally.No matter how many times it is started, the unit can sense the correct password before driving the car.т– In the hidden-lock mode, the driving no longer scans the sensor ID,and the sensor needs to be sensed again after turning off.т– In the anti-hijacking mode, the unit will start normally after receiving the correct signal after starting the engine. If it does not receive the correct signal from the remote control within 1 minute, it will turn off. Receive signals while driving.   SPECIFICATIONElectrical performance:1. Remote control: Static current is about 0mA, Working current is 5mA.     Battery specifications: CR20322. Unit-relay :working current is about 20mA,    load current : Model A  30A, Model B 40A, Model C 40A. Attention: 1. The unit relay replaces the original vehicle relay without breakingthe wire. The original vehicle only supplies power to drive theinternal coil control switch on and off when the vehicle is ignited,which will not affect other functions of the original vehicle.2. The unit supports the start and stop function of the original car,but the automatic induction mode must be turned on.3. It is normal for some models to illuminate the fault light during theunit test function. Generally, the automatic induction mode is turned on and it will be automatically eliminated after a few days of normaldriving.4. After some models are turned off, the relay will continue to supply power for more than ten seconds without affecting the use.  After restarting, it will restart continuously. If the host cannot receive the signal from the remote control, it will turn off. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTROL THE DOORS AND DIRECTION LIGHTS OR OTHER PARTS, ONLY THE OIL CIRCUIT OR CIRCUIT.THE ENGINE CANNOT BE STARTED TO PREVENT THEFT. Tips: The difference between Hidden lock and anti-hijacking device1. Hidden lock: You can drive normally after receiving the signal from the remote control, and it will not turn off during the driving. no need to re-sense the signal from the remote control unless you turn on the engine after turning off.2.Anti-hajacking device: The signal from the remote control is continuously received during the driving . If the remote control signal is not received for more than 1 minute, the engine will immediately stop.3. The functions of the hidden lock and anti-hijacking device are controlled by the hardware on the unit and need to be manually switched. Package Include,Product composition:Unit-Relay*1PCS, induction remote control*2PCS,manual*1PCS BOX SIZE:150**82*45MM