VEVOR 3 tonų / 5 tonų trijų maišų pneumatinis kėliklis su reguliuojama rankena 40 cm greitai pakeliamas automobilio kėliklis mikroautobuso visureigio automobilinio kėlimo įrankis


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Product DescriptionPneumatic Car JackOur pneumatic jacks are designed to be tough and built to last! They are compact, powerful, and very fast to use. The bag air jack can be lifted in 5 seconds. Inflated with compressed air, they are easy to handle and easier to handle without a load than spring types.Labor-Saving JackHeavy Duty ConstructionSecure UsageAdjustable HandleTough Equipment & Tools, Pay LessVEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR’s products are sold in more than 200 countries and regions with 10 millionplus members worldwide.Why Choose VEVOR?Premium Tough QualityIncredibly Low PricesFast & Secure Delivery30-Day Free Returns24/7 Attentive ServiceKey FeaturesHeavy Duty Loading CapacityThis triple airbag jack can support 3T/5T. It can be used to lift your small cars, family cars, minivans, SUVs and off-road vehicles, or other heavy objects.5.9″-15.75″ Lifting RangeIt only takes 5 seconds to lift from 5.9″/150 mm to 15.75″/ 400 mm, the max. Lifting height is suitable for most vehicles. Working Temp: -60т„ƒ~ 50т„ƒ.Solid ConstructionThe thickened rubber and steel plate work together to make the lifting securer and more stable. And the combination also reduced the impact and led to precise lifting.Easy OperationThere are three valves on this triple airbag jack: air input valve, air outlet valve, relief valve, which can help you operate the jack securely and quickly.Adjustable HandleThree adjustable angles to facilitate your different operating positions. In addition, the handle can be detached, does not occupy too much space, and can be easily placed in the trunk.Wide ApplicationThe pneumatic jack lift is great for heavy lifting in auto shops, repair shops, household warehouses and is suitable for family cars, minivans, SUVs, off-road vehicles, etc.Specifications- 6600 lbs Pneumatic Car Jack, Adjustable HandleCapacity: 3.0 ton / 6600 lbsMin. Height: 150 mm / 5.9 inchesMax. Height: 400 mm / 15.75 inchesAir Inlet: G1/4Color: White / Red / BlueLifting Time: 5 SecWorking Temp: -60т„ƒ~ 50т„ƒPackage Content1 x Pneumatic JackSpecifications- 6600 lbs Pneumatic Car Jack, No handleModel: 3T PneumaticJackCapacity: 3.0 tons/ 6600 lbsWorking Pressure: 8 kg/cmТВMin. Height:135 mm/5.3”Max. Height: 420 mm/16.5”Air Inlet :G1/4Lifting Time: 5 SecWorking Temp: -60т„ƒ~ 50т„ƒPackage Content1 x Pneumatic JackSpecifications- 11000 Lbs / 5 Ton Pneumatic Car JackCapacity: 5.0 ton / 11000 lbsMin. Height: 165 mm/5.71 inchesMax. Height: 400 mm/15.75 inchesAir Inlet: G1/4Color: BlueLifting Time: 5 SecWorking Temp: -60т„ƒ~ 50т„ƒPackage Content1 x Pneumatic JackFeatures & DetailsLabor-Saving Jack: The pneumatic jack capacity: 3 Ton / 5 Ton. Minimum height: 5.9″/ 150 mm. Maximum height: 15.75″/400 mm. It only takes 5 seconds to lift. Working Temp: -60т„ƒ~ 50 т„ƒ. Air inlet: G1/4. Our triple bag jack is the easiest and fastest way to make the car lifted.Heavy Duty Construction: Our pneumatic jack is a high-strength steel that makes the whole body sturdy and durable. Highly sealed airbags will not leak or be scratched. In addition, our wheels are better suitable for all-terrain, helping you maintain your car anytime, anywhere.Secure Usage: First, keep the red valve closed, open the green valve, and input the compressed air; when inflating to the height, turn off the green valve. After use, open the red valve to bleed off air. The relief valve in the middle ensures the injected gas is not excessive to ensure the security of the use process.Adjustable Handle: This airbag jack has an adjustable handle, which can be adjusted to three different positions to make the jack convenient to use. And this handle can be disassembled from the middle, saving space and making it suitable for you to take it outdoors.Wide Application: The quick jack car lift is suitable for the situation where a single wheel needs to be lifted in soft terrain or muddy roads for family-used cars, minivans, SUVs, and off-road vehicles.Notice:1.Weight must be supported by a set of jack stands rated at the proper capacity before any work or inspection can bedone on vehicle. Do not exceed the rated capacity or loss of load may occur.2. Always need parking brake.3. This jack is designed for use on hard, level surfaces only.4. Use on uneven or unstable surfaces could result instability and probable failure to support load.5. Place wheel chocks at the front and rear of the tires that will not be lifted before proceeding.6. Always center the jack under the axle or other frame surface.